About us


ISTUD is an independent Business School that has a long history – more than 45 years – in the field of management education. ISTUD has an industrial heritage, it has been founded by companies and it belongs to companies: Angelini Group, Assolombarda, Chiesi Group, Dompè, Elica Group, Generali Group, Intesa SanPaolo Sapio, Sea, Telecom among the others.

Studying, sharing and experience

ISTUD represents a unique opportunity for executives, entrepreneurs, managers, professional to enhance their international exposure and to work on their issues, build capabilities, inspiring growth, think courageously and prepare for the future. To learn from Italian and international  enterprise that have developed excellences and new ways to respond to global opportunities and challenges.

Offering an Italian excellence with an international perspective and in this sense ISTUD is considered the Italian Business School.

ISTUD represents a unique opportunity for companies, executives, entrepreneurs, professional to work on their issues, build capabilities, inspiring growth, think courageously and prepare for the future.

What makes us different

A flexible and customized approach

to give our clients the programs they need, where and how they need them. Pioneering and Innovative approach to address each client’s individual challenge

The belief that people with their talents

their culture and their values make a difference in the workplace and that the company, relying on the uniqueness and diversity of its people, can fulfill its role in the the progress of society

The care in preparing the personal and professional growth paths

for the organization and for the people that make it up, thoroughly thought through and designed to best fulfill their needs, challenges and ambitions

Our people, the trainers, consultants and staff employes

who have been sharing our values even before we met, and who bring years of international management experience and proven ability to create value in business in their respective areas of competence.

The values that inspire us

  • Potential: attention for the person and for the discovery of each individual’s talents and unique way to create value trough the acquisition and growth of personal and professional skills
  • Multicultural: in a broad sense, as a cross-cutting element affecting every moment of company life; our work on the concept of culture can be brought to bear in various environments within the organizational context and beyond the merely ‘geographic’ aspects
  • Results: giving a practical and results driven support to our clients in conducting their business and achieving success through the development of their capabilities
  • Method: a scientific, questioning and disciplined approach to work
  • Integrity: thorough dialogue with our clients, always transparent and honest
  • Team: working together with passion and enthusiasm

Based in Italy and also operating out of key locations worldwide.

Training Center: Baveno

Strada nazionale del Sempione Oltrefiume, 25

ISTUD’s main training centre is located in Baveno (VB) on Lake Maggiore. Its surroundings of outstanding beauty and its comfortable facilities are perfectly suited to study and concentration.

ISTUD Baveno
ISTUD Baveno
ISTUD Baveno
ISTUD Baveno

Training Center: Milano

Piazza 4 Novembre, 7
20124 MILANO (MI)

The Milan training centre is conveniently situated near the Central Station and provides one lecture hall and two seminar rooms, equipped with Wi-Fi connection.

Milano, Stazione Centrale
Sede ISTUD a Milano
ISTUD Baveno