How we work

Meetings to prepare for kick off

In the spirit of co-makership of the Fondazione ISTUD, the meeting with the client to prepare for kick off aims to:

  • Present and discuss the preliminary programme with the team from the client company;
  • Choose with the client the pilot edition, where the workshops will be organised and it will be decided who should take part in the pilot editions in order to obtain direct feedback;
  • Sharing of the programme with the trainers involved, not only in terms of content/materials, but also of basic principles, values, critical success factors and objectives to be met.

Kick off pilot

  • The Project Manager defines the logistic and organisational aspects;
  • Fondazione ISTUD issues the first pilot workshops

Pilot: end of session meeting

A meeting will be held at the end of the workshop to:

  • Examine the feedback from participants;
  • Have feedback from the client;
  • The Fondazione ISTUD team, according to the input received during the meeting, will organise the programme, making any necessary changes to the structure, content and method
  • The corrective action will be shared by the coordinator with all the trainers.


Running of the workshops

  • Running of the workshops;
  • Each session will be evaluate and the corrective action will be taken while the course is under way;
  • The Project Manager will inform the client by e-mail of the progress made: any ‘exceptional’ events will be highlighted
  • Apart from the constant feedback on the workshops, the Project Manager will supply the client with additional feedback concerning: the organisational culture, the atmosphere, all the information that the Fondazione ISTUD team feels the client should know about the progress of the workshop;
  • If necessary, during the process (for example, mid-way or when the client requests it), a meeting will be organised between the client and the Fondazione ISTUD team to ‘keep interest alive’ and to share the most important learning topics.



  • Final evaluation;
  • Final meeting between Fondazione ISTUD and the client.