Making it happen

Workshop ISTUD and University of Tsinghua for Italian enterprises operating in China.
Beijing, 28th November 2014

Auditorium, The Embassy of Italy to the People’s Republic of China.

ISTUD, in partnership with the Chinese University of Tsinghua, one of the most prestigious in the far East, positioned as first among international rankings – and in collaboration with the Italian Embassy and The China Italy Chamber of Commerce, organizes the next 28th of November at the Italian Embassy in Beijing the meeting “Making it Happen”, dedicated to Italian enterprises operating in the Asian country. The main topic in this debate is about the key competences to win, in a complex, different and perpetual transformation trade market in China.

The goal of this meeting is to show the alliance between two prestigious Educational Institutions that, combining the industrial and managerial Italian culture with the language and the behaviour schemes of the Chinese, is proposing an offer of training and develop willing to help our enterprises operate in the middle earth to evolve their role, to enrich their competences and to grow their businesses. The tight partnership with Tsinghua University School of Economics & Management – the place where innovation and leadership in the Chinese world are crafted – is willing to open a direct and privileged window on the specified market, with a concrete reflection on the themes of multi-culturality, cooperation and networking.

“Making it Happen” was born from the idea of sharing to existing companies and added value of experiences, passion, curiosity, leadership, courage, dreams and much more, to embrace growth and the future of the enterprises based in China and Italy being aware of the high challenging level. Since different years, ISTUD approached and appreciated more and more the Chinese world. This happened yet hosting managers and Chinese entrepreneurs in its own structures, yet bringing the expertise of its own instructors in events and seminaries hosted by Tsinghua.