Elica New Mind

The programme aims at satisfying Elica’s need to develop middle managers who are able and willing to master complexity within an inter-functional and multicultural organization.

In-house International Master addressed to International Group High Potentials coming from six different countries

6 drivers of engagement

  1. Connect: connecting with each other, connecting to what Elica represents and where it’s going
  2. Shape: a chance to exercise influence and shape professional experience whilst pursuing organisational goals
  3. Learn: learning fuels engagement and loyalty and participants will have a chance to apply new knowledge and skills immediately
  4. Stretch: participants will be encouraged to leave their comfort zones  and go beyond what they  thought was possible. This develops not only new skills but also an important sense of self efficacy in relation to future challenges
  5. Achieve: the achievement stimulated through he project work deepens fulfilment and elevates engagement
  6. Contribute: “making a difference” is an innate need and the project gives participants a chance to contribute in a visible and recognised way

objectives of the Master

The programme focuses on the strategic decisions that Middle Management need to act upon in multi-speed global development scenarios.

It is designed to take into account the fact that Elica’s strategy needs to ensure access to a broader range of partners not only to bring the right products and services efficiently to the market but also to co-create solutions that reflect rapidly emerging tendencies among citizens and customers.