Executive Coaching

Coaching” is a training consultancy (consisting of regular sessions over a fixed time frame) where the consultant and client work together, one on one, on a personal development project.

The object of the work is for the client to arrive at an analysis and awareness of his/her management behaviours. The behaviour of the client in work situations, as observed first hand by the consultant and also described by the client him/herself during the interview sessions, becomes the material for analysis and development. The consultant’s intervention is not judgmental, nor has it any therapeutic or medical purpose; it remains always within the confines of the client’s professional role.

The process is guided by an expert in organizational behaviour who uses the tools of focused observation and interviews to provide the client with feedback about how effective his/her actions are, comparing this with the clients own perceptions of his/her behaviour. Both client and consultant must take responsibility for the successful outcome of the coaching programme.

The “team work” between the consultant and client progresses through a number of stages following a programme that can include:

  • preliminary meetings with the client aimed at defining the personal aims of the client in terms of skills development (based on the results of his/her own assessment of performance, as well as the feedback, where available, from his/her boss, colleagues and collaborators) and to develop a precise agenda for the future coaching sessions;
  • meetings that can include observation of the client “in action”, in group situations (meetings, conferences etc.), or one on one (talking with collaborators, bosses, colleagues, etc.), scheduled every 3 to 4 weeks.

During each of these work sessions, the two will analyze these experiences and plan the client’s future experimentation with new behaviours, the results of which (reported by the client) will provide the material for the following work sessions. As the sessions progress there is constant assessment of the quality of work achieved by consultant and client. The last session includes a final evaluation of the coaching programme as a learning experience, and assessment of the inputs.