First in Line

ISTUD Business School, LinKS and The Wharton School introduce a new leadership program for next generation leaders: First in Line

The program is designed in close collaboration with a selection of Italian, Scandinavian, & global corporates. The program focuses on the successful manager who has consistently proven through 2-3 management positions that he or she has the potential to attain the top executive level within 5-10 years and approach to global challenges. The program challenges the ’next in line’ manager on ’Authentic Leadership’ and works with a company specific project of strategic importance at a global scale.


Bologna, Italy – Lamborghini

14-16 June 2015

Go Co! – Leading Co-Creation

  • Leading Co-Creation
  • Creative intelligence as the leadership mindset of the future
  • Open innovation strategies
  • Sensemaking in organisations

The Wharton School, Philadelphia and NYC in US

14–18 September 2015

Listen Louder – New Strategic Mindsets.

  • Global business
  • Peripheral vision
  • Scenario planning
  • Profiting from uncertainty
  • Network orchestration
  • Mental models

Copenhagen, Denmark

26–27 January 2016

Leading Up – Succeeding Strategy Projects.

  • Designing successful strategies
  • Managing and governing strategy project role-outs
  • Communicating ‘USPs’ upwards
  • Leading the processes