ISTUD Italian Excellence Programme – Food & Wine

It’s a unique opportunity for foreign participants to enhance their international exposure by first-hand “Made in Italy” high quality wine and food industry, and directly learn from Italian excellent companies that have developed radical ways of responding to global opportunities and challenges in the food and wine business.


  • To understand in depth the “Italian Way” of making wine and food, by specific lectures and Italian companies visiting.
  • Wine” will be investigated not only as synonym of “taste” and “quality”, but also as the product of a deep relation between territories, histories, traditions and creativity.
  • To analyze the traditional and cutting-edge issues in the Italian Way that enabled some companies to reach their success both national and international level.

Lecture about Italian Wine

Unique mixture of local traditions, quality and innovation

  • Branding and positioning in the wine industry
  • Appellations (DOCs) and corporate strategy
  • Wine & Winery Communication
  • Wine Marketing
  • Wine Tourism
  • E-business, in particular in the wine industry

Plenty of best wine Chateaus to visit

  • The Venice and Friuli Region
  • The Piedmont Region
  • The Tuscany Region


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