The art of courage

The purpose of Art of Courage seminar is to help participants acquire the necessary abilities to make bold decisions in an organisational context; to boost their self-confidence when they get out of their comfort zone; to highlight the mental processes underlying their actions and – finally – to develop solid relationships and create a winning environment.

This seminar is addressed at all people who, within their organisations, are exposed to complex decisional processes and who wish to improve their effectiveness and their reaction ability in the face of unforeseen circumstances.


  • Dealing with extraordinary situations in an organisational context;
  • Developing your personal potential: experiences, techniques and tools;
  • Managing uncertainty, stress and risk;
  • Managerial courage: growing the ability to step outside your comfort zone and to act incisively;
  • Personal leadership: from thinking to acting;
  • Self-empowerment;
  • The personal dimension (self);
  • The relational dimension (communication);
  • The contextual dimension (organisational factors);


  • Improve your effectiveness in complex decisional processes;
  • Boost your ability to control emotions;
  • Grow your emotional awareness;
  • Express your potential to the max, both at work and in your personal life;
  • Act decisively in unexpected situations;
  • Enhance your ability to operate outside your comfort zone;
  • Develop confidence in yourself and your abilities;
  • Analyse your strengths and weaknesses in managing yourself and the key relationships in your role;
  • Transmit courage and create a winning environment;
  • Define concrete action plans in a perspective of personal and organisational growth.

Since time immemorial, martial arts have represented an instrument for growth and self-development. From Karate to Kung-fu, all the way to modern fight techniques, the study of fighting arts has gone hand in hand both with the attention to fundamental values such as respect and discipline, and with a central regard for the individual’s uniqueness and integrity.

The martial arts experience offers an excellent starting point for self-reflection and the evaluation of one’s emerging models of stress response.